Valve and Abrams for Excitement or Dissapointment


Starting to become a little outdated on the news front but I thought I’d share it as well. Gabe Newell of Valve and J.J. Abrams Film Director have shared to the public that they are in the midst of creating a movie together. Now I say that loosely of course.

Valve has a tremendous record of delays on their products and have been extremely hush hush on pretty much everything they do. Take HL3/HL2:ep3 for example. I’d love to see where things ended but at this point the cliffhanger ending of Ep2 has receded and I’ve started to loose faith in the company. Granted every game they have released I personally have found fun and amazing, entertaining overall, but it’s the constant lack of knowledge they give you as a player, it’s not fun waiting in the first place.

I fear that this being another project we will have to wait longer than anything we would of expected. And if it’s anything like HL3/Ep3 we will convince ourselves that it’s just they want to get it right.

So what does the news tell us about this project? It seemed the whole thing started with Newell and Abrams discussing issues with movie/game (or vice versa) adaptations and essentially debating on why game to movies (or reverse) or the roles of main characters in games or movies don’t work in the other scenario. Things such as in a game the main character who you control is essentially (or should rather be) an empty vessel where you would immerse yourself, letting you choose what choices to make to progress in a virtual world and storyline, where in a movie it’s more linear and the main character is someone who you can relate to on some level and get to know (If this doesn’t make sense, say there’s a show/movie where you follow the story of someone and they end up getting killed, you’re going to miss that character)

So with that essential debate in place they announced that they were going to collaborate together to create two things: 1st being a video game, and 2nd being a movie. More news is about the movie. They have mentioned but not made it clear if it will be a Half-life movie or Portals movie. Technically speaking they were just making references towards two possibilities. Might be something completely different and unheard of before. I’ll be honest I’d love to see a Half-Life movie but the thought of it also scares me. If they did a Half-Life movie for the story line I feel like Marc Laidlaw would have to be apart of it. Also, if it follows any of the characters we know from the game, they would have to portray it in a sense where viewers who have never played the series would be able to watch, and those who have played the series not get bored due to lack of what we would call Half-Life action.

If they do a portals movie, it could be interesting but at the same time when you think about the base line It’s all about puzzles and a bad robot. Essentially Hal-9000 and Dave in an old folks home, not much action or entertainment value because you can’t participate in it. Go visit Grams for that. If they went forward with a portals movie I personally sense that it would in its own way ruin the whole idea behind portals.

Regardless of what path they choose I will go to the theaters and sit my ass down in a chair and hope for the best. Once again Valve hasn’t disappointed me yet in there products, just the time frame. Who knows the entire thing might just be hype and talk and nothing more. Let the future decide and hope for the best!

Happy New Years 2013


Let’s start this year off on the right foot! More updates, maybe I’ll actually get time to start showing off some projects for everyone! Hopfully we get some good indie games out into the world this year!

Every year I get excited for what’s to come! We have new games, new music and more competition and obsticles in the real world and virtual. Let this year bring some excitement and I hope everyone has a Happy New Year in 2013!

Welcome to the Digital Distro World

 UPlayWe all know about Valves software distribution as it has impacted all gamers alike. Steam, which was officially released in 2002/2003 as an attempt to help Valve keep up on updated there games, such at Counter-Strike. I remember when I first put that CD into my computer and it required Steam to play and started going through the process of figuring out this new witchcraft I thought it was absolutely dumb. However now Steam is one of the top leading Distribution “Centers” around, and I couldn’t love it more. However when something great is created and it shines to the world, copycats arise.

Now my opinion: Steam has been over the top in service and dedication in trying to be the leaders of distribution and customer service while providing quality software itself. Granted there are those days we cuss because the friends network may be down but we all have to keep in mind that maintenance is a must, especially in a big project such as Steam. No other company software company stepped in to try and over rule this market. Steam was left a wide open door and they ran through it full throttle. Now the success of Steam has finally opened the eyes to other game companies. Such as Origin by EA and the newest to me is UPlay from Ubisoft. Granted there are others such as Live by Mircosoft but that’s a whole story in itself. What really set me off is I just purchased Far Cry 3 on Steam while it was 25% off. Love the Steam Api to integrate friends and finding everyone efficiently, considering I’ve personally used Steam since 2004. Loaded up FC3 to play a co-op game with my buddy, and bombarded with UPlay before the game even loads. Once again it’s a new username, new password, another thing to spam my email even after clarifying DO NOT SEND ME MESSAGES is checked. Honestly, your time has passed Origin and Uplay, You should of hopped on the bandwagon ages ago that way you would of had a fighting chance, now it’s just pathetic and annoying. If I could just play these games through Steam I would, unfortunately this kind of crap has stopped me from playing some really good titles, and I wouldn’t of bought Far Cry 3 if I had of known that UPlay would interrupt that.

In the end, leave it to Steam, publishers you had the chance and you didn’t leap, your DRM and distribution software is garbage, get it off my screen before I choose to not purchase anything from your company again, I for one and sick of it!

Game Preview/Review: The War-Z

So I was told about this new game, still in alpha stage but they have an open alpha similar to how Minecraft was, which I was also apart of and it’s success is still living on! The game is a Zombie apocalypse MMO(250 player servers). The game is titled The War-Z.

The War-Zs starts you off with nothing at all on your character and out in the middle of no where to survive. This leaves you possibly in the middle of the night, zombies running around waiting to eat your flesh and nothing you can do about it. So you are forced to scavenge for items, leaving you in essentially any zombie movie that has been properly done. You are on a time limit to find items in a way, because just as life it, you can starve to death or become dehydrated and eventually dry up.

The hardest part of this game however is not the zombies. Zombies are brain dead and you can out run them fairly easily, however it’s other players you have to watch out for. I have made over 20 characters before I found a gun due to the fact that every time i go searching for food and have absolutely nothing on me, maybe not even a melee weapon, someone finds me and shoots my brains out. However it’s easier with a few friends to be on the look-out while you’re looting a shop for supplies.

Straight to the point answers:

MMO? Does that mean I have to pay a sub? NOPE. Like back in the day for when you paid for a game you get it forever, there is no subscription required and they say neither for updates or expansions. Once you buy it, you get it all!

Is it an RPG? Technically yes, without the VooDoo. They have no classes everyone starts off just the same as the next. But as you progress your survival trek across huge maps you will gain XP from killing Zombies (or possibly players if you want to be known as a bandit, XP has not been implemented at this time however)

XP? So this is going to be a grind to use the best loot? No! There is no level cap and you use the experience towards skills. No weapons or gear will require a certain level as technically there are no levels. The experience is just used for a skill tree, or talent tree as you will. The skills are rumoured to contain such things as reduce your hunger speed or hydration speeds from decreasing, or endurance so you can sprint for longer periods of time.

Well they will probably release DLCs every Couple Mo..:  They have talked about this and they have told the public whenever an expansion comes out or “DLC” as its referred to now a days, it is included in your initial purchase of the game. They are going back to the roots of how games used to be released, not a money grab but providing entertainment as a service. Which honestly I wish more companies would do.

So my honest opinion? I quiet enjoy the game even though it’s only in beta, which I will say is the most stable beta I have personally had the chance to test out! I would give it a rating out of 5 but I refuse to as it is still in alpha stages. Once the game is a full product and is released out of beta I will revisit this game!



Lack of Updates

Just a quick apology for the lack of updates, I am starting a new job and things have been hectic for one, starting mid-nights is a big change for me, yes I stay up like your average gamer but not till 6am. But please stick around I have plenty more to complain and fill you in on! Might just take a week or so to get used to the personal changes!